Benefits of Teaching with Qriyo

Qriyo home tutors are called Gurus. Qriyo Gurus are different than the regular tutors. They are selected after a tough evaluation test and are very good.

Who becomes a Qriyo Guru

We get a lot of applications. A lot of tutors, home tutors, freelancers who want to become Qriyo Guru. We can’t onboard all. But whoever passes our evaluation process does get on board. We have always rated quality over quantity. This evaluation process helps us promise you a high-quality home tuition experience. So, in short, the applicant who passes our evaluation becomes a Qriyo Guru.

Qriyo Guru

What is our evaluation process?

We use our evaluation process to onboard (only on-boarded tutors get tuition) tutor. Our evaluation is a little different from others. Besides checking the subject expertise we also check Empathy Quotient (EQ), Friendliness, Emotional Intelligence and a lot of other personality traits. We do it so that we can use human psychology to provide better home tuition. We have developed various tests backed by research to administer the personality traits.

What benefits do I have as a Qriyo Guru?

You will earn money, sure, but that is only an add-on. With Qriyo you have the flexibility of time. We don’t force you to go an take home tuition. You are given a choice and if the home tuition schedule matches with your schedule then only you accept the tuition. You always have the option to accept or reject. The tuition you will get will be near to your location so that you do not have to travel far. Whether you are an experienced teacher, a freelancer, a student you will be treated equal if you do pass our evaluation test. Moreover, you will learn a lot.

Can I be a Qriyo Guru too?

You are most welcome to apply. Click here to apply. Are you not sure if you have skills? We would suggest to apply anyways. You will get to learn a lot about yourself when we evaluate you. Don’t have enough time? You can work part time with us too. Qriyo guru not only take home tuition but also learn a lot themselves too.

What if I work harder than everyone else?

We love healthy competitions. We have a loyalty program just for the people like you. The harder you work, the more home tuition you take, the more you earn. We also have a referral program. When you spread the word about Qriyo you get benefits via our referral program. You can read about both referral and loyalty program here. Give more home tuition, work harder and earn more.

What other Qriyo Gurus are saying

I first heard about Qriyo on Facebook. I saw that I can do part time tutoring with them and decided to give it a try. Now, I earn a decent amount of money giving home tuition to students in Jaipur.
Mitali Goyal

Started giving home tuition for Qriyo not because I was in need of money but because I had heard that teaching others makes your subject knowledge better. And of course I earned money too but that was an addon.
Rajendra Kumar

I have been giving home tuition for years now. It is hard to find students for home tuition, going to coaching classes has become a trend. Thanks to Qriyo that now I have more home tuition offers than I can take.
Yogesh Mathur

How Qriyo Gurus are changing lives

Muneer Ansari's aim was to make his kids rockstars. He was looking for some classes for his kids and when none was found Qriyo came to rescue. it's been 4 months now that we are providing the best learning experience for Martial Arts & Guitar at their doorstep.

My name is Barkha Jain, My little angel Hitvi is 9 years old. We both love dancing but never got a chance to learn it. Qriyo Made it possible. After taking month long dance course with qriyo, I have bonded with my daughter like never before.

My name is Kamla Surana, I am 60 years old. I always wanted to learn Music but could never do. There was always some reason. I got to know about Qriyo and have started learning Harmonium and Vocal. My childhood dream has come true. I am learning & trying to get better slowly.