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10 Study Tips from All India Toppers


Do you ever find yourself wondering about how toppers ace their exams so well? Do you consider achieving stellar results in exams is nothing short of a miracle? We at Exambazaar.comthink that scoring high in your exams is the result of certain successful strategies you can employ. After interviewing toppers of CAT, CLAT, NEET, JEE, IAS, PTET & many more exams, we bring to you the tips Exam Toppers have shared with us and we hope that it will inspire you to craft your own success story. Read on below to know the Top 10 Study Tips from toppers in India:

  1. No shortcuts to scoring well: Albert Einstein had once remarked, that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And it’s very true for exam preparation.  The surest ways to score well in your exams is by completely rejecting the idea of shortcuts, no matter how enticing, and focus instead on long term goals. A consistent study schedule is very important for your success in the tough exams you face. A consistent study schedule involves preparing a strategy for your exam about a year in advance and sticking to it. Completing your syllabus well ahead of time to leave room for revision, taking down important notes as you go, and practising regularly pays off when it comes to acing your exam.
  2. Test Paper Practice:Mock Question Papers and Previous Year Question Papersare vitally important to get a taste of the test.  Solving papers help you get a grasp on the type and pattern of questions that are likely to come in the exam, and lets you get used to test-taking. Regularly testing yourself also helps get rid of exam jitters, as the final exam feels like just another test paper you have practised.  To make daily test-taking a regular habit for you, you can use Exam Question A Day, with free online test questions for more than 50 competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CLAT, IELTS, KVPY and many, many more. You name an exam, we have papers for it - all to sharpen your test taking skills and ensure you’re a well-prepared, confident candidate when you sit for the exam.
  3. Stay Up to Date with Current Affairs:Daily Current Affairs are an important subject for many competitive exams like the UPSC, CLAT, SSC and banking and other government examinations. To ace any of these exams, you need to keep your Current Affairs game on point and make sure your knowledge keeps pace with changes taking place all over the world. Keeping up with the sheer number of events happening around us each day in this rapidly globalizing world is an uphill task for the average candidate. Look for curated Daily Dose of Current Affairsin fields like sports, politics, administration, etc from various newspapers and sites, so that you don’t have to go through the labour of digging up information from all over print and digital media.
  4. Choose the Right Coaching Centre:The right coaching centre can make all the difference between a successful candidate and an unsuccessful one. We have spoken to Exam Toppers about Coaching Centres, and all of them have agreed that good coaching gives you an edge over self-study. That is not to say that you cannot score well by studying alone, but we think Coaching Centres provide you the correct guidance and direction and offer you study material and mock tests to prepare you for the exam.
  5. Efficient Time Management:Competitive Exams are timed tests, and you need to complete well ahead of time to ensure you can revise your paper and correct errors.  There is nothing more frustrating than knowing the answers to the questions and being unable to complete them in time.  To make sure you can complete your exam in time, we suggest taking timed mock tests at home to get into the groove of solving questions within a time limit.
  6. Improve your Weak Areas and Polish your Strong Ones:The average candidate preparing for an exam has some areas where he/she is weak in and needs improvement. We suggest you work on improving your weaknesses through practice, revision and discussion with your teachers so that when you enter the hall, you don’t have any chink in your armour. At the same time, don’t forget to polish and brush up on areas you consider your strengths.
  7. Focus on a Few Good Resources instead of Spreading Thin:The sheer number of books and resources available in the market is bound to confuse any student.  But all Toppers advice to stick to only a few good resources that work for you and do not get confused trying to consult piles of books. Most importantly, do not get overwhelmed by how your peers are preparing, and focus on your own strategy instead.
  8. Social Media can be handy in your Studies:The standard advice goes; the internet is bad for studies.  But, if you know how to use the very valuable resource the web is, you get an edge over your peers. Facebook has many useful study groups where you can get tips and notes, and groups by professors and Coaching Institute Trainers that you can follow. YouTube also has several educational channels which help in visualizing your lessons, and Quora offers great study tips and exam help from the community.  
  9. Revision and Last-minute Preparation:Revision of your study material at regular intervals ensures you stay in touch with it and can retrieve the information you have learnt when needed.  Trust us, the worst feeling you can have been when you know you have read that lesson somewhere but can’t call it to mind. Revision ensures that doesn’t happen, and toppers we spoke to have emphasized on the importance of going through the notes you identify as important during the last couple of weeks so that you are brimming with confidence and a polished memory.
  10. Relax, Exercise and Stay Healthy:Last but not the least, do not miss out on relaxing! There is only so much your brain can take before it gets thoroughly exhausted. Make sure you get nutritious food, a daily dose of exercise, sound sleep and leisure time. Go for a swim, hang out with friends, watch a movie, read a book…. anything that makes sure you feel on top of your game to ace that exam you’re aiming for!

I hope these suggestions will help you understand the ways in which you can adopt the success mantra of most toppers. Exambazaar wishes you all the Best of Luck for your examinations.

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