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Perks of Being A Freelancer


Being A Freelancer Are you thinking of leaving your full-time job to be a freelancer? Is this dilemma of whether it’s a right decision or not stopping you? Let us tell you that being a freelancer offers you a lot of perks which a full-time job doesn’t. Freelancing allows you to set your own schedule, choose the location from where you want to work from, the clients you want to work with and most importantly, the kind of work you want to do. These are the reasons why more and more individuals are leaning towards freelancing.

Being A Freelancer you have following Benefits -

Be Your Own Boss

In a full-time job, you need to accept whatever work you are asked to do and give an answer to the team leader or boss.  On the other hand,  in freelancing, you don’t have anyone around you to micromanage you. Most importantly, you cannot fire yourself when you are working for yourself. Well, with all these points, it’s very clear that being a freelancer allows you to be your own boss.

Fantastic Option For Women

Women find freelancing very beneficial as they don’t need to quit working because of family obligations or social factors. Its a great career choice especially for new moms or who are going to become one. Due to this, in India, 48% of women consider being a freelancer a preferable career option.

Enough Time To Do Things  You Want

Freelancing lets you do things you want to do but couldn’t do and kept thinking about them only because of your conventional  9 to 5 job. Being a freelancer, you have enough time to learn new things, explore different places, moreover, develop your hobbies again that make you happy and happiness is what matters at the end!

How To Explore Freelancing Jobs in India?

Give this article a read to know how to start freelancing. If you master any skill and want to become a home tutor of that skill, be it educational, dance, yoga, music, Zumba etc,  Qriyo gives you the opportunity to do the same. Urbanclap hires freelancers of different skills. Fiverr lets you work from the comfort of your home with thousands of trusted and verified clients.

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